Persistence, not perfection


A little background about myself.

I have always been the one to need approval from all. Was never an “attention hog” I just wanted to make sure that I was liked, and that no one had a problem with me. This here was a problem. I was constantly striving to be a complete people pleaser and it tore me down. Instead of looking to my heavenly father for advice, or guidance, I was looking to others to see what they would do so that they would like me for my choices. Conflict drove me crazy, so I would be miserable just so people wouldn’t have this conflict. It was a really bad situation for myself.

My devotion this morning was about just this!

We are suppose to let God’s love run through us, to permeate us. We are suppose to trust in God, and His ways, since they are far above our own. How are we to be walking with Him when we are constantly seeking approval of those on earth? The last line of the devotional was, I look for persistence–rather than perfection–in your walk with me.”

How beautiful is that? How amazing to know that God knows that we are NOT perfect and He still wants to walk with us? He just wants to know that you are continual in your wanting of Him, not to be perfect, because we obviously aren’t. Such a reassurance this morning! It was much needed!(:

God Bless,


These are the devotional books I am currently doing right now. The quote came from the one on the right. Image


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