On the way home today I took a


On the way home today I took a different route so I could visit an old friend, Sara Click. I took 21 the whole way home so I could stop at her grave site and visit for a few minutes. While I was there I prayed, talked to her, and just thought about life. I typed the following part on my phone and thought I would share it. 

“Life is precious life is sweet, like the earth beneath my feet.” This song is sung by Wes King. It just started going through my head as I sat on the bench by her grave. I was staring at her grave stone, which has a beautifully engraved picture of her on it. She was 16 when the tragic car wreck happened and she didn’t make it. To think that I have made it four years longer than my sweet, dear friend Sara. Life is just too short. It was 6 years ago. 6 LONG years ago. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her, her smile, and laugh, the way she was kind to everyone, and treated everyone as though they mattered when they truly didn’t to anyone else. She was a great role-model and her smile was always contagious. It doesn’t get easier, I have learned, but it does become bare-able. Somedays are harder than others, but I make it through each and every day. We don’t know when our time to go is, we don’t know how much longer we have? My question for you is, “What are you doing with your life?” Are you making the most of it? Are you showing others the true love of Christ? Are you reaching out to those that aren’t lovable? You know those are the ones that Jesus spent the most time with while he was on earth as human as you and I? Again, what are you doing with your life? Maybe you aren’t loving those around you? Maybe you aren’t reflecting Christ? Maybe you haven’t even accepted Him as your Lord and Savior? It isn’t too late right now! Make a change, turn that attitude around, start loving those that are around you! Tomorrow might be too late, so don’t wait. Jesus died on the cross for you and I, the least we can do is to show others His love. THey deserve it just as much as we do. They might not have tomorrow either, so why wait to show His love? Show it today, in a smile, a nice greeting, or a random act of kindness. Don’t hold it in, let it shine bright. 

Hope you have a fantastic day! 

If you have any questions or comments please email me at arielpaige5893@yahoo.com

God Bless,



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