Take a breath. Stop for a second. Smell the roses.



I am sure you have heard the saying “stop to smell the roses” or something similar to the meaning of taking a moment and enjoying it. I heard this a lot as child, but I also heard “Hurry up.”, “You are taking too long.”, “We are going to be late.”, “You can do that in the car.” I have always had a fast pace life. Even as a child, my mom HATED to be late. She almost refused to be late. With that, we always were in a hurry to get out the door so that did not happen. My mom kept me busy as a child. She was a single mom raising a little girl and a special needs little boy. (BTW she did a fantastic job I think(: )

She had me in dance, twirling, flute lessons, and piano lessons. It was everything that was offered in my little hometown. In middle school I got involved with the band and twirling. In High School I continued with the both which kept me extremely busy along with being in all AP classes. At this point in my life, I started to realize how much I was really like my mom. I constantly was in a hurry and never slowed down. It had gotten to the point that my brain couldn’t slow down and I had insomnia. That is not healthy.

Now that I am in college I still don’t know how to slow down. I am constantly doing something if it isn’t going to class, and studying, I am doing something with Chi Alpha, or going to church, or helping with Glory Gang, or babysitting, or giving dance or twirling lessons. It is ALWAYS something. I don’t have time to hardly sleep much less “Smell the Roses”. Who has time for that these days. I constantly have a planner with me with hour to hour schedule. (I know it is a bit ridiculous.)

Just a few minutes ago I was planning out my day for tomorrow. I have a lot to do tomorrow morning before leaving to take my Math Test in the city. (It’s my final. Prayers are greatly appreciated!) I am starting to make a sign language music video in the morning and wanted to involve my whole getting ready process including doing my hair and make up mostly. As I was writing down my schedule which consisted of 1) waking up. 2) Devotional. 3) Shower. 4) hair and make up video. 5) study. 6) leave for test. 7) come back home. 8) Take reading test. 9) ride quads. 10) work on sign language music video. I took a step back to look at it and realized how pathetic this truly was. I have to plan time to take a shower. CRAZY.

At this point I just put it all away and sat here thinking about life. As a child I wanted to grow up. I wanted to be an adult out on my own making my own decisions. Now that I am halfway there I want to go back to my childhood when I was carefree and didn’t have bills, decisions, or to deal with responsibilities. Why is that we want to grow up so quickly?!?


I was saying earlier how my mom was always trying to hurry me up for me to catch up to her pace. Why are we doing this? Why are we trying to hurry our kids? Granted, I am not a parent yet, but I do work with kids a lot in the nursery and everything else I do. I catch myself saying it a lot. Especially when I am babysitting and I have somewhere to be and they are taking their sweet sweet time. Every time we say “Hurry Up” or imply it in a way, that is just putting into their head that it is okay for them to hurry up in life. For them to grow up quicker than they should. Let’s let our kids be kids. Let’s let them take time to smell the roses. We could learn a thing or two from the faith of a child. Their innocence is so pure. What is wrong with putting your schedule on the back burner and taking life as it is. In the bible it says to not worry about tomorrow in Matthew 6:34. Yet we constantly worry about what’s for dinner, what do I have to do, where do I need to be and when? Take a breath. Stop for a second. Smell the roses. Enjoy the life the Lord has given you. Don’t waste it away!

If you have any questions or just want to talk email me at arielpaige5893@yahoo.com or comment below. Would love to hear your stories and what God is laying on your heart.

God Bless, and Much Love,


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