Christian Artists.


ImageWe have all been here. SItting in the crowd anticipating our favorite artist coming out on the stage, and as he/she does we act way younger than our age. Come on, admit it! Well, the other night I was listening to a few songs by a few of my favorite christian artists and got a little curious. Then I started looking up the reason behind the song. Why did they write and sing what they did? Was it just a word from God? Or an experience in their own life? Or maybe someone else’s? I just wanted to know the story behind their beautiful songs.

ImageThe first song I looked up was Plumb on her song “One Drop”. When I looked up her testimony for that song she talked about how her songs are normally on the darker side, and speak more of what most people don’t. She had said something about her song “Need You Now” ,which I absolutely LOVE, so my nosey self wanted to know what that song was about. I then switched over to that testimony of that song. Wow was I surprised, but in such an amazing way. When she first started writing that song it was about her stomach problem she has had. She has dealt with anxiety since she was little and one day at school she was just laying on the bathroom stall telling God that she needed Him now. Then she went through a painful divorce that she never imagined going through. Through this time she found herself calling out to God saying the same thing. God I need you now.

For Plumb to come forward, to say what the song truly means to her is such a blessing. The world view on Christians tends to be that we have to be “perfect”. While that is so not true, we (as christians) tend to live up to that standard so that we don’t let the world down. I can’t imagine being a musician, or artists where the whole world is looking at you and your life. It is hard enough being just an everyday person, I can’t fathom how hard it must be for these artists who we like to put on pedestals. Plumb came forward and shared about her heartache, shared about her divorce and how hard it was for her, and the struggle she went through. She was making herself vulnerable, telling the world that she isn’t perfect. She has some of the same struggles as you and I do. She is human just as you and I are, so why is it that we tend to put them higher than others?


Another one I looked up was Natalie Grant. She has been one of my all time favorites since I saw her at The Revolve Tour twice when I was in middle school/high school. At the time I was dealing with eating disorders and self-harm and just with life. (It is hard to be a teenage girl now a days.) She shared her story of her song and book “The Real Me”. When she began sharing of her struggle with bulimia I was pretty much shocked. This whole sharing your story as a christian thing was still pretty new to me, so for a famous artist as herself, up there sharing her heart and story took me by surprise. As she went further into her story I found myself relating time and time again. I broke down. I curled up in a ball on the ground and just cried. I started talking to God, but then realized I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to say so I just said His name for a while. She was on that stage being vulnerable, sharing her testimony. I know for me I have struggled with sharing my testimony the last two years thinking “well what if they think bad of me’, or ‘what if they can’t trust me as a christian because of my past’. Let me just tell you, I am SO glad that Natalie Grant did not hold back. She has influenced me the last 6-7 years through my eating disorder, through getting better. I am able to look at her, she was a christian when she started being bulimic, was an artist and singing for the public. To know that she can overcome it, and be herself and still be on that stage, I know I can.

Her newest song ‘Hurricane’ also has a story. I love that song and have since it came out. It has helped me through a log and I know that it will continue to help me. She wrote the song out of her suffering from PPD (postpartum depression). After she had her youngest she struggle with depression, why and how, and what it was exactly. She was so open with her story, hoping that it could help someone else going through it. She explained that she didn’t know anybody with it and that was the hardest part, was that no one understood it. She had said that when she felt at her lowest she knew that God was still there reaching out his hand. She could be in the biggest storm yet God would always be there reaching for you. How beautiful is that? How amazing to know that no matter what we do or what we are going through that God is constantly holding out His hand for us to grab hold and Him pull us out.

I am hoping that one day, we as christians are so scared of what the world thinks. That instead of worrying how others will react, that we tell our story because it COULD help someone. You could be someone else’s blessing. God could be working through you, but if we are all too scared, then that other person won’t get to hear. Even if you help one person out of everyone in the whole world, wouldn’t that be worth it? To me it is, and this is why I am beginning to tell my story. It is still a work in progress, and there are still parts that I am not open to one day, but God is taking it step by step.

Do you feel like you don’t have a story? I promise you you do. Whether you have dealt with suicide, or the fact that you haven’t done anything and how you feel bad for it? You have a story. I promise! Pray about it, ask God what you could be sharing to others. What does He have for others from you? I will be praying for you all. Praying that you get the courage to tell your story, to share what God has done to you, and how you have overcome everything.

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below or email me at I am here to listen, or just to talk if you need it!

God Bless,


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